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Welcome to satscams.com. This site is provided by NagraStar to help educate and inform people about the civil and criminal actions taken by NagraStar and their partners, DISH Network and Bell TV. These actions are taken against those who try to obtain DISH Network or Bell programming in a fraudulent manner including, but not limited to, receiving programming without authorization by and payment to DISH Network and Bell TV; or illegally designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, or using devices that could allow access to DISH Network or Bell TV satellite signals without authorization and payment.

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Major Online Services Help Identify Pirate Streaming Site Operators

DISH Network and Sling TV are homing in on the alleged operators of SportsBay.org, SportsBay.tv, Live-NBA.stream, and Freefeds.com. In an amended complaint filed this week, the companies now name two defendants who were unmasked after Google, Cloudflare, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, domain companies and others complied with subpoenas. An interesting lawsuit filed in a Texas court during the summer last year saw DISH Network and Sling TV partner up to sue the people behind SportsBay.org, SportsBay.tv, Live-NBA.stream, and Freefeds.com.

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Certified Letter

Received a Letter?

Have you received a USPS certified letter similar to the one shown in the picture? Here at NagraStar, we send all first letters certified for tracking and legal purposes. These letters contain sensitive information, and for that reason, NagraStar must ensure that the letter reaches its intended recipient. Many choose to deny signing for the letter, and thus it is returned. Commonly, certified mail is sent by lawfirms and government agencies, and refusing the letter could result in legal ramifications. If you receive such a letter, NagraStar highly recommends accepting it. If you choose to ignore these letters and emails from NagraStar, you could be referred to our law firm, HNB, for litigation. Do not ignore the letter, and please contact NagraStar as soon as possible to resolve this legal matter.

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IBCAP PSA thumbnail

IBCAP PSA - "All is Lost"

Are you selling a box with an illegal IPTV service? Don't risk your business. Streaming through an illegal IPTV service is a felony under U.S. law. You wouldn’t bring stolen goods into your home, nor would you buy from criminals. So why engage with felons for your TV service? Is this the example you’d want your family to see? Illegal service providers are also routinely subject to legal action, and many have been sued and forced out of business. Take action today and get back on the right path: http://www.StopIllegalIPTV.com

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Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon & Apple Sue Two Pirate IPTV Providers in the US

A coalition of Hollywood studios plus Amazon, Netflix and Apple have sued two IPTV providers in the US. Targeting AllAccessTV and Quality Restreams, which are allegedly operated by the same person, the complaint claims that sales take place through a fake VPN website and a large network of resellers who funnel customers and revenue to the platforms. Despite an increasing number of lawsuits, raids and seizures around the world, many pirate IPTV providers and resellers continue to offer their services to the masses. At least in part, this may be a calculation based on the likelihood of being targeted, let alone identified and held to account.

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Leicestershire Police Badge

Pirate IPTV: Police Arrest Two & Send Warning Messages to Customers

Police are reporting the arrest of two people following a raid on an alleged pirate IPTV supplier in the UK. The suspects were detained at an address in Leicestershire under suspicion of infringing copyright by communicating protected works to the public. The service was shut down and according to police, now displays a warning to customers. Rather than shelling out significant sums on multiple premium live TV and streaming services each month, tech-savvy UK internet users often turn to pirate IPTV services. These platforms often provide access to almost everything that Sky, BT, and Netflix have to offer.

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Chitram TV

IBCAP announces $31 million judgment against ChitramTV and broad injunction against resellers

Federal Court in Texas also orders transfer of current and future domains used for distribution of the ChitramTV service, or used to sell or promote the service. The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) today announced that on November 15, 2021, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas entered a Judgment and Injunction against ChitramTV, a popular South Asian pirate IPTV service. The Court found that ChitramTV willfully infringed 207 registered copyrighted works and imposed the maximum statutory penalty of $150,000 per work, $31,050,000 in total.

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Nintendo Switch

Bowser faces 10 years in jail, $4.5M in damages in Nintendo piracy case

Team-Xecuter member Gary Bowser plead guilty to trafficking in circumvention devices—aka selling custom firmware that enabled piracy. Nintendo has won a major victory in a case against 52-year-old Canadian Gary Browser, a member of hacking group Team-Xecuter who was arrested in 2020. Bowser, better known as GaryOPA online, plead guilty to two counts: "conspiracy to circumvent technological measures and to traffic in circumvention devices" alongside other members of Team-Xecuter, and "trafficking in circumvention devices," as laid out in a plea agreement filed on October 28 and obtained by Torrentfreak. He now faces a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison for each count.

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FBI Seal

Feds Indict ‘Pirate’ Sports Streams Operator Who Settled with Hollywood

Sports streaming service HeHeStreams shut down earlier this year after reaching a settlement with the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. While saddened by his site's demise, the operator felt that things could've been worse. They now are. The Department of Justice says that following a separate investigation, HeHeStreams' founder has been charged with several crimes, including one under a brand new law. Back in July we reported that the Alliance for Creativity (ACE) and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) had obtained a DMCA subpoena compelling Cloudflare to hand over the personal details of sports streaming service HeHeStreams.

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Universe IPTV

Court Orders Universe IPTV to Pay DISH $7m in Copyright Infringement Damages

In August 2020, DISH Network filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in the United States against 'pirate' IPTV provider Universal IPTV. DISH tracked down three defendants to addresses in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Germany but despite extensive efforts, could not engage the parties in legal battle. That has now resulted in a judgment in favor of DISH to the tune of $7 million. While the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has built a reputation for shutting down pirate IPTV services by various means, US broadcaster DISH is more prolific when it comes to actual lawsuits.

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Several ‘SportsBay’ Pirate Streaming Sites Go Dark In Wake of US Lawsuit

Several large live streaming sites sued by DISH Network for breaching the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA have gone dark. SportsBay, the largest of the quartet, had around nine million visitors per month but an order issued by a Texas court requiring third-parties to hand over details of its operator may have set off alarm bells. Most pirate IPTV services online today operate by accessing official broadcasts and streams, capturing them with dedicated equipment, and then restreaming video to the public from dedicated servers.

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