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Welcome to satscams.com. This site is provided by NagraStar to help educate and inform people about the civil and criminal actions taken by NagraStar and their partners, DISH Network and Bell TV. These actions are taken against those who try to obtain DISH Network or Bell programming in a fraudulent manner including, but not limited to, receiving programming without authorization by and payment to DISH Network and Bell TV; or illegally designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, or using devices that could allow access to DISH Network or Bell TV satellite signals without authorization and payment.

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Dish and AT&T’s new wireless partnership potentially foreshadows DirecTV deal

AT&T is replacing T-Mobile as Dish Network’s primary network services partner, bringing the wireless company closer together with the satellite TV provider it nearly acquired almost 15 years ago and potentially increasing the likelihood of a Dish-DirecTV merger. According to people familiar with the matter, Dish founder and billionaire Charlie Ergen reached the final stages of selling his company to AT&T in 2007. When he pushed for a last-minute change in terms, the deal fell apart.

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Certified Letter

Received a Letter?

Have you received a USPS certified letter similar to the one shown in the picture? Here at NagraStar, we send all first letters certified for tracking and legal purposes. These letters contain sensitive information, and for that reason, NagraStar must ensure that the letter reaches its intended recipient. Many choose to deny signing for the letter, and thus it is returned. Commonly, certified mail is sent by lawfirms and government agencies, and refusing the letter could result in legal ramifications. If you receive such a letter, NagraStar highly recommends accepting it. If you choose to ignore these letters and emails from NagraStar, you could be referred to our law firm, HNB, for litigation. Do not ignore the letter, and please contact NagraStar as soon as possible to resolve this legal matter.

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Nagra Logo

NAGRA welcomes Operation 404 progress

Content protection and multiscreen television solutions provider NAGRA has declared it is proud to be working with Latin American anti-piracy association Alianza once again in leveraging its anti-piracy capabilities to bring down criminal activity in Brazil as part of Operação 404 (Operation 404), a partnership spanning local, regional, public and private organisations in many countries. “With the third phase of Operation 404 now underway, NAGRA – on behalf of Alianza – is continuing to play an important role in providing its industry and legal expertise and solutions to support the ongoing efforts and persistence of Brazilian government authorities, law enforcement and other agencies in taking down pirate organisations,” asserts Pascal Métral, VP of Legal Affairs and Head of Anti-Piracy Intelligence, Investigations and Litigation, NAGRA.

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Thop TV Logo

Mumbai: Cyber cell arrests Thop TV app CEO

Mumbai: The Maharashtra cyber nodal cell on Tuesday arrested Thop TV app CEO, Satish Venkateshwarlu (28), from his Gurram Gada residence in Telangana for allegedly illegally streaming and transmitting content of TV channels and causing them huge losses. Star India had filed a case against the android software aggregator before the ICC World Test Championship final. Star India had claimed that Thop TV is a rogue app providing illegal access to films, shows and live sports on TV, as well as video-on-demand content, without authorization from the original owner.

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Stanley's inconspicuous catamaran

Thomas Stanley, a Fugitive From Justice, Recovered in the Bahamas

On Friday July 2nd, 2021, a joint operation consisting of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and Bahamas Immigration was launched after receiving a tip regarding a fugitive from justice. While in the area of Pig Beach near Staniel Cay, the officers conducted a search of the vessel "Chilling like a Villain." The search uncovered five undeclared firearms and several rounds of ammunition. Thomas Stanley, the operator of the vessel, fled from the U.S. while on bail to escape prosecution. Stanley reportedly had a fake Spanish passport and was planning to flee to Mexico. Through cooperation between the U.S. Marshalls Service, Bahamian police, and a network of private parties, Stanley was ultimately captured and taken into custody. Stanley will remain in a Bahamas jail before being brought back to the United States for his sentencing.

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JetFlicks IPTV Logo

Jetflicks: Programmer of Pirate IPTV Service Handed 12 Months in Prison

A man who worked as a programmer for a major pirate streaming operation has been sentenced in the US. Luis Angel Villarino was indicted in August 2019 for his part in running Jetflicks . After admitting to one count of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, he has now been ordered to serve 12 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release. In 2019, eight men were indicted by a grand jury for conspiring to violate criminal copyright law for running Jetflicks and iStreamitAll, two of the largest pirate streaming services in the United States. The Las Vegas-based platforms were huge. Jetflicks, which was disguised as an aviation service, offered around 183,285 pirated TV episodes to customers.

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Woman watching laptop stream

When is streaming illegal? Here’s what you need to know about pirated content

Within 24 hours of airing, more than 71 million people had watched the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones. More than 75% of them did so through a pirated stream or download. For reference, that’s 54 million people — around three million more than the population of South Korea. “If you go around the world, I think you’re right, that Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in the world,” Time Warner exec Jeff Bewkes said in 2013. “Now that’s better than an Emmy.” It’s not just Game of Thrones. Stats on unlicensed streaming are hard to pin down, but estimates range from 53% of millennials accessing illegal streams in one month to 78.5 billion visits to piracy sites in 2015.

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Soccer(Football) Stadium in Barcelona

Tackling Online Piracy of Live Sporting Events

MEPs want illegal streaming of live sporting events to be blocked in real time and organisers’ rights to be strengthened. In a report adopted on Wednesday, MEPs set out proposals to crack down on the growing phenomenon of illegal broadcasting of live sporting events. To help combat the problem, MEPs call on the Commission to clarify and improve the current EU framework on intellectual property rights for live sport events, currently not subject to copyright protection, and to introduce specific provisions regarding the rights of sport event organisers, for whom licensing of broadcasting rights are a key source of income. Some member states, however, have introduced specific legal protection from which organisers can benefit.

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Seized Bulgarian Server

The CDCOC has Suspended the Activities of Illegal Cable Operators in Northeastern Bulgaria

The specialized police operation to counter the illegal distribution of television channels was conducted on April 28. The actions were carried out by employees of the Cybercrime Department - DGCOC, together with the territorial units of the BOP in Ruse, Razgrad, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo. In the course of the speculation, searches were carried out at eight addresses, and computer configurations, telecommunication equipment and documents were seized. Data on illegal distribution of television channels, without the necessary legal consent of the right holders, to thousands of subscribers in the northeastern part of the country have been established on the devices. The investigation into the case continues under the supervision of the Razgrad District Prosecutor's Office.

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Australian Federal Police Badge

Sydney man sentenced for selling online subscriptions using stolen credentials in international investigation

On April 23, a 23-year-old Sydney man was handed a two years and two months’ sentence, to be served by way of an intensive corrections order, for his involvement as the creator, administrator and primary financial beneficiary of a number of online subscription services which relied on stolen credentials from Australians and others around the world. The man, who has also been ordered by the court to serve 200 hours of community service, was arrested in 2019 following international cybercrime investigations by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The investigation began after the FBI referred information to the AFP, in May 2018, regarding an account generator website called WickedGen.com.

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Mirror by Lululemon

Dish Sues Peloton, Lululemon, Icon Over Streaming Technology

Dish Network Corp. and its Sling TV unit filed lawsuits accusing three of the biggest players in streaming at-home fitness programs of infringing patents for technology that improves the quality of video content over the internet. The suits, filed Tuesday in federal courts in Texas and Delaware, accuse Peloton Interactive Inc., NordicTrack maker Icon Health & Fitness Inc. and Mirror owner Lululemon Athletica Inc. of using Dish’s patented technology that “allows Internet users to stream content from across the world in real time at the highest possible quality.” Separately, Dish and Sling filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, seeking to block U.S. imports of products including Peloton stationary bikes, NordicTrack treadmills and Mirror workout panels.

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