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Welcome to This site is provided by NagraStar to help educate and inform people about the civil and criminal actions taken by NagraStar and their partners, DISH Network and Bell TV. These actions are taken against those who try to obtain DISH Network or Bell programming in a fraudulent manner including, but not limited to, receiving programming without authorization by and payment to DISH Network and Bell TV; or illegally designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, or using devices that could allow access to DISH Network or Bell TV satellite signals without authorization and payment.

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Vader IPTV

Vader: Large ‘Pirate’ IPTV Provider Shuts Down, Promises to Protect Customers

Vader, one of the leading providers of pirate IPTV services, has shut down. One of the most visible brands in the industry, Vader (or Vaders) reached many of its customers through a network of re-sellers. The service insists that no customer information will fall into the wrong hands but as things stand, nothing seems certain. Over the past several years, third-party Kodi add-ons have given many Internet users a new enthusiasm for streaming live TV.

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Certified Letter

Received a Letter?

Have you received a USPS certified letter similar to the one shown in the picture? Here at NagraStar, we send all first letters certified for tracking and legal purposes. These letters contain sensitive information, and for that reason, NagraStar must ensure that the letter reaches its intended recipient. Many choose to deny signing for the letter, and thus it is returned. Commonly, certified mail is sent by lawfirms and government agencies, and refusing the letter could result in legal ramifications. If you receive such a letter, NagraStar highly recommends accepting it. If you choose to ignore these letters and emails from NagraStar, you could be referred to our law firm, HNB, for litigation. Do not ignore the letter, and please contact NagraStar as soon as possible to resolve this legal matter.

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Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section

Three Puerto Rican Men Arrested on Federal Charges in Dish Network Services Piracy Scheme

On Nov. 2, a federal indictment against three Puerto Rican men was unsealed after their arrest for their roles in a conspiracy to provide pirated DISH Network (DISH) services to thousands of Puerto Ricans, announced Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez-Velez for the District of Puerto Rico. DISH is a Colorado based company that provides satellite television to its customers for a fee and has invested heavily in measures to ensure that its services are not intercepted by copyright infringers, also known as pirates.

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Set TV

Florida Federal Court Grants Judgment and Injunction Against SetTV

DISH Network L.L.C. and NagraStar LLC (collectively “DISH”) are pleased to announce the successful resolution of their federal court action against Set Broadcast LLC and its principals (collectively “the SetTV Defendants” and together with DISH “the Parties”). The judgment and injunction against the SetTV service marks a significant victory in the ongoing fight against pay-TV piracy, and a win for consumers who subscribe to legitimate pay-TV services. DISH filed suit against the SetTV Defendants on May 3, 2018 based on their operation of a streaming television platform (“SetTV”) that was used to rebroadcast programming content obtained from a DISH Network satellite signal without authorization. The SetTV service was in operation for approximately 16 months, from February 2017 through June 2018. Through the litigation, DISH asserted claims against the SetTV Defendants for violations of the Federal Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. 605(a) and (e)(4). On June 4, 2018, the Middle District of Florida Granted DISH’s Motion for Temporary Restraining Order which effectively shut down the SetTV service and imposed an asset freeze and evidence preservation obligations on the SetTV Defendants.

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Dominican IKS

Statement from a Dominican IKS pirate

"I, [REDACTED], will like to offer my most sincere apology to Dish Network L.L.C. and NagraStar LLC for my involvement in satellite signal piracy a couple of years ago. Although I don’t remember much due the fact time has pass, I do remember that an ex-coworker explained me about the availability of the product (equipment and codes) and suggested me to buy it. I agreed and initially bought it from the suggested person and later on from others that were less expensive thru the internet. Back in the day, I did it seeking to economize some money due my economic situation. After I while, I stopped doing it and threw on the garbage the equipment I bought initially. After that moment, I did not buy any other equipment neither codes from anyone. Once again, more than ever I realize my huge mistake and the consequences that have arisen from it. I’m very thankful for the opportunity of the settlement and I hope with it, I can close this dark chapter in my life."

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Florida sign

Statement from a pirate in Florida

"I first stumble into IKS when looking for information on FTA since I lived on a remote location and no cable service was available. I found a site that claimed that if a bought a donation I would received a lot of channels with no monthly payment and they sell it as a hobby. After spending a lot of money on equipment, and hours spent on trying to get the equipment work properly. The service was very unreliable and frustrating. There is said that when something seems too good to be true, probably it isn’t, well now I’m regretting all the wrong decisions I took all those years ago. I was wrong for what I did and I hope that whoever reads this post don’t do the same mistake I committed. My sincere apologies to all parties affected by my actions."

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