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Welcome to satscams.com. This site is provided by NagraStar to help educate and inform people about the civil and criminal actions taken by NagraStar and their partners, DISH Network and Bell TV. These actions are taken against those who try to obtain DISH Network or Bell programming in a fraudulent manner including, but not limited to, receiving programming without authorization by and payment to DISH Network and Bell TV; or illegally designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, or using devices that could allow access to DISH Network or Bell TV satellite signals without authorization and payment.

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'Pirate' Anime Domains Seized By Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the global anti-piracy alliance featuring the studios of the MPA, Netflix and Amazon, has taken control of at least 10 domains previously connected to anime piracy. The seizures are the latest in a long line of actions that ACE and the MPA have chosen not to publicize. The Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment is a massive global anti-piracy coalition featuring dozens of global content companies including the MPA, Netflix and Amazon. The aim of ACE is to tackle infringement of its members' rights in a centralized fashion by pooling resources and sharing the costs of enforcement actions.

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Certified Letter

Received a Letter?

Have you received a USPS certified letter similar to the one shown in the picture? Here at NagraStar, we send all first letters certified for tracking and legal purposes. These letters contain sensitive information, and for that reason, NagraStar must ensure that the letter reaches its intended recipient. Many choose to deny signing for the letter, and thus it is returned. Commonly, certified mail is sent by lawfirms and government agencies, and refusing the letter could result in legal ramifications. If you receive such a letter, NagraStar highly recommends accepting it. If you choose to ignore these letters and emails from NagraStar, you could be referred to our law firm, HNB, for litigation. Do not ignore the letter, and please contact NagraStar as soon as possible to resolve this legal matter.

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Canadian Flag

Canadian Pirate Site Blockade No Longer Blocks Original Domains

Canada's Federal Court has approved a new update of the site-blocking injunction against pirate IPTV provider GoldTV. The rightsholders used an undercover investigator to track down new domain names. Interestingly, the latest order no longer targets any of the original domains, which are no longer in use. Late last year, Canada’s Federal Court approved the first piracy blockade in the country. Following a complaint from three major media companies, Rogers, Bell and TVA, the Court ordered ISPs to block access to domains and IP-addresses of the pirate IPTV service GoldTV.

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Hijacked Stream

Police Arrest Pirate IPTV Operator & ‘Hijack’ Streams With Anti-Piracy Warning

Police officers from a Cyber and Serious Organised Crime Unit in the UK arrested a 24-year-old man yesterday under suspicion of operating a pirate IPTV service. Users of at least one service are now being presented with an anti-piracy warning delivered by Norfolk and Suffolk Police. The force in question informs TF that the warning is genuine and not part of a hack. Sometime during Tuesday, users of a pirate IPTV provider marketed under the Global / Global Entertainment brands were given a surprise.Instead of accessing the live TV package they’d originally subscribed to, they’re now being treated to a warning that claims to originate from two police forces in the UK.

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Spain Police Bust

Police Shut Down Pirate IPTV Operation With Two Million Subscribers

Spain's National Police has shut down a popular pirate IPTV operation that allegedly serviced two million customers. With help from Europol and law enforcement in Canada, the US and several European countries, 11 suspects were arrested. The authorities also confiscated property worth nearly €5 million while another €1.1 in bank assets were frozen. In recent years, unlicensed TV subscriptions have been flourishing, with hundreds of vendors offering virtually any channel imaginable for a small monthly fee. This is seen as a major threat by copyright holders and law enforcement authorities are also taking the matter seriously. That became apparent again today, as law enforcement authorities announced one of the largest IPTV busts in history.

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Deflated Soccer Ball

More Than Half of All Sports Fans Regularly Pirate Content

A new survey published by Synamedia shows that more than half of all sports fans access pirated content at least once a month. On average, these pirates are more engaged than other sports fans. At the same time, however, the findings show that there are many different types of pirates, all with their own preferences and habits. Copyright holders are no fans of piracy. However, pirates tend to be the biggest fans of their content, whether that’s movies, games or music. Research has consistently shown that illegal downloaders and streamers are more engaged consumers. They also tend to spend more money on subscriptions, merchandise, theater visits and concerts.

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Massive Piracy Damages Award Against Cox is Not Excessive, Court Rules

Cox Communications' request to lower the massive piracy liability verdict issued by a Virginia jury has failed. The request for a new trial was denied as well. However, the court does agree that the damages should be issued per work if there are multiple copyrights involved, which means that the $1 billion figure may go down. Last year, Internet provider Cox Communications lost its legal battle against a group of major record labels. Following a two-week trial, a Virginia jury held Cox liable for its pirating subscribers, ordering the company to pay $1 billion in damages.

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Eastern Missouri District Court

Missouri Federal Court rules against Digital TV reseller, awards DISH/NagraStar $132,500 in damages, and Orders permanent injunctive relief

On April 14, 2020, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri granted DISH Network and NagraStar’s motion for final judgment against James Lewis. Lewis was sued by DISH Network and NagraStar in 2019 for federal claims arising out of his sale of IKS codes to an unauthorized, subscription-based pirate television service known as NFPS. The Court’s order includes a permanent injunction against Lewis, as well as an award of $132,500 in statutory damages under section 1203(c)(3)(A) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. DISH Network and NagraStar continue to investigate and take action against those responsible for trying to circumvent the companies’ security system in order to gain unauthorized access to DISH Network programming, as well as those selling products or services that facilitate unauthorized access to that programming.

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Cloudflare Ordered to Reveal Operators of Popular Pirate Sites Manga1000.com

Shogakukan, one of Japan's largest manga publishers, has been given permission to obtain the personal details of the operators of one of Japan's most popular pirate manga sites. The DMCA subpoena compels Cloudflare to reveal what it knows about the people behind Manga1000.com, a near top-500 site in its home country. Obtaining the personal details of individuals behind pirate sites is rarely straightforward. When they’re visible at all, domain registrations can be hidden behind privacy services, faked, or even both, while hosting companies tend not to comply with demands to reveal information when they’re unsupported by a valid court order.

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Voodoo Logo

DISH Sues Canada-Based Pirate IPTV Provider ‘Voodoo IPTV’

TV broadcaster DISH Network has filed a lawsuit in a Texas court targeting the operators of Canada-based 'pirate' IPTV supplier Voodoo IPTV. The lawsuit names four Ontario residents as defendants along with fifth individual said to reside in Nepal. A further 11 'Doe' defendants are said to have created DISH accounts in order to capture and rebroadcast its programming. TV broadcaster DISH Network has filed more lawsuits against ‘pirate’ IPTV providers and resellers than any other company in the world. Depending on how the services operate, the company either brings cases under the Copyright Act or the Federal Communications Act (FCA).

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