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Hello, did you get here from Set TV's website? NagraStar has recently won a lawsuit against Set TV pertaining to the rebroadcasting of programming from DISH Network without authorization. As a result, Set TV was forced to shut down their services and hand over their website domain. To new visitors who are coming from Set TV's website, we highly encourage you to politely participate in the forums or to ask us any questions you may have. Please keep in mind that we will log and monitor your IP address for the purposes of tracking piracy.

If you are looking for IPTV, DISH offers several streaming alternatives that are completely legal. There is DISH Anywhere, a service that lets you stream thousands of TV shows, movies, and clips on demand to your computer, smart-phone, or TV. You can also watch live TV, and record your favorite shows. You can learn more about DISH Anywhere at DISH's official website here:
If you are looking for streaming only live TV, you can look into Sling. Sling is a live TV streaming service that you can get for only $25 a month. You can view more details about Sling here:
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A Regret and a Warning from a Pirate in Puerto Rico

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  • A Regret and a Warning from a Pirate in Puerto Rico

    Originally posted Monday 2018-06-18

    Piracy isn’t worth the risks, or the consequences.

    My name is Francisco Llinas and I operate an entity known as FJ Internet. While the bulk of my products and services relate to internet services and installations, I previously got involved in the purchase and sale of a handful of devices and codes that could be used for unauthorized access to DISH Network programming through IKS and IPTV piracy. That was a huge mistake, and one that I will regret for years to come.

    My involvement in those product sales resulted in DISH and NagraStar filing a lawsuit against me, my company, and certain family members in Puerto Rico federal court. After the Court sided with DISH and NagraStar on some preliminary rulings, and after spending significant resources on legal fees, a judgment and permanent injunction was entered against me. Not only has the litigation taken a toll on the legitimate aspects of my business, but it caused major problems and stress for my entire family. I have now agreed to shut down that part of my business, and have agreed to assist and cooperate with DISH and NagraStar, providing them information related to who sold me the piracy products and codes, and customers who purchased them.

    Prior to DISH filing suit, NagraStar investigators visited me in Puerto Rico with a proposal to avoid formal litigation and have me exit the piracy business. Unfortunately I was short sighted and did not take responsibility for my misconduct at that time. The investigators for NagraStar were very prepared and discussed the evidence they had gathered against me. They were also aware of the temptations of piracy in Puerto Rico and other places. Like any risky or illicit business, there are consequences and costs associated with piracy. The NagraStar investigators are extremely thorough and committed to identifying and taking action against people and businesses involved in piracy of their technology and the DISH service.

    Through this experience I have learned the hard way that piracy is not a ‘harmless’ violation; neither to the companies that have legitimate broadcast rights, nor to providers or customers using unauthorized services to access those rights. Learn from others’ mistakes. Don’t let my story become your own.

    Francisco Llinas, dba FJ Internet Solutions
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