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  • Read This Before Posting

    Hello, before posting anything, please make sure you are familiar with the Site Rules page. Remember, DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFO. Revealing info about yourself or doxxing others is a bannable offense, and your post will be removed. The rules are listed below for reference:

    1. Treat others with respect. Bashing, flaming, trolling, and other forms of disrespect will not be tolerated.
    2. All user posts are to be approved by moderators before they are published.
    3. The forum is split into two sections. General user discussion belongs in the User Forum, where users can post and comment about whatever they want. The NagraStar Forum is designated for primarily NagraStar to post topics in. Users cannot post here, but comments and discussions are greatly encouraged.
    4. NEVER post personal info about yourself or others on the forums or in PMs. This includes but is not limited to: names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and IP addresses. Offenders are subject to a possible account ban, and post removal.
    5. For the sake of anonymity and your own safety, DO NOT post any piracy reports or tips in the forums. Any reports or tips of suspected piracy can be submitted to us through our Contact Us page found near the bottom of the page. Remember to select "Report Piracy".
    6. Any links, live or not, that are followed by members are done so at their own risk.
    7. Posts must be made under their relative topics. Posts that are under the wrong topic are subject to being moved or deleted by a moderator.
    8. This site is strictly for education and discussion. No advertising or sales will be permitted.
    9. Nudity, obscenities, and any other objectionable material will not be permitted on the site. This includes, but is not limited to, posts, usernames, avatars, and signatures.
    10. No IP scripts are allowed.
    11. No posting in ALL CAPS.
    12. Anyone attempting to hack, crack, attack, or deface will be turned over to the authorities.
    Please remember that this forum is specifically for discussing satellite piracy. Discussions, questions and news about satellite piracy are encouraged. Piracy can include IKS (internet key sharing), misuse of FTA (Free to Air), and streaming through Internet Protocol television (IPTV). This forum is not for posting tips or reporting piracy. For the sake of anonymity, all reports and tips must be sent through the Contact Us page found near the bottom. Any posts containing piracy reports will be removed.

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